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Rise Of Hope Tynon Guild

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tynon online gaming Join one of the most honorable guilds on tynon and greatly benefit from other dedicated online mmorpg gamers that are willing to spend the time with you and help you become stronger in tynon. To join, create an account on and create your character using s45 - Winds of Njord and join the water realm. Once you have reached level 15 then you are able to join Rise Of Hope Guild.

Rise Of Hope is based upon active players which is why we suggest you being a level 15 before joining. Once you are ready you can click on the guild icon and apply to Rise Of Hope in the water realm by locating us on the guild list and clicking on the apply button. Once you have been approved you will be welcomed by many members that are willing to answer your questions and help you with tynon. Active members also get access to Rise Of Hope Private Forum where you will find strategies not found anyplace else.

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Rise Of Hope is run by Nikki, a 20+ year internet veteran and gamer. Nikki has published several game strategy guides including the best seller Official Wartune Strategy Guide. Meet Nikki the guild master for Rise Of Hope. Unlike many guild masters Nikki takes the time to help others and firmly beleives that a guild should work together to help build it's foundations strong so the entire guild benefits.

Rise Of Hope Honor And Respect

tynon guildThe high ranked members take the time to help new guild members become stronger through explaining to them what runes are best for them and what upgrades they should be focusing on. Higher ranked guild members will show how formations will be set and what the best runes are to use for your characters. Training battles are done in the arena to help other game players understand the importance of proper formations when facing higher levels.

This is what it means to become apart of a tynon guild that has been built upon the basis of valor, honesty, and honor. Rise Of Hope strives to help all those in the guild to become not only stronger players but better players that makes the entire game more enjoyable for all on the s45 server.

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