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Character Stats Guide

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tynon game guideThere are many different things in tynon that will effect your character stats, this could be runes, talents, blacksmith, armor, or other aspects in the game. While leveling up your character will also increase your stats, you must remember that most online browser based games are designed to get you to level up fast. Leveling will only give you a small boost to your over-all stats though and this is one reason why leveling up should be the last thing on your priority list.

When you first register for Tynon and select your game character, you will notice basic stats for your character. In this basic tynon character stats guide we will cover some important points on the tynon stats. Obviously as with any online browser based game, you want to increase only certain stats depending upon the heroes you choose to use. For example mages have no need for critial hits while your main character can use critial hits to increase their damage.

tynon strategy

You can have a maximum of 5 heroes in tynon and each of these heroes have their own stats. It is important to note that you want to build up certain events in blacksmith and talents for each of these heroes. For instance you should have mages in your party and they require high magic attack, while your tanks such as saffron requires high defense. Building up these stats properly will help your entire team become stronger and harder to beat in Pvp battles.

Tynon Game Character Stats Overview

tynon hero statsYou can increase your stats by obtaining runes, building up your armor and weapons through the blacksmith, increasing your talents, upgrading your armor and weapons, and through the embed tab in blacksmith by adding gems / jewels to your armor and weapons.

Base Tynon Stats
PhyAttack - Attacks done by non magical heroes
Phy Defense - Defense against physical attacks
Skill Attack - Attacking with special abilities
Skill Defense - Defense against skill attacks
MageAttack - Magic attack done by mages and other heroes
Mage Defense - Defense against magical attacks
Critical - Extra damage hit normally performed by main hero
Resilience - Buffer against critital hits
Hit Rating - Increases your percentage on hit damage
Dodge - Dodge incoming damage (physical or magical)
Break - Decrease the chance of dodge and block
Block - Block incoming damage possible to counter-attack

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