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Tynon Blacksmith And Talents Guide

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tynon game guideIn this tynon blacksmith and talents guide we will be covering the basics of using the blacksmith and how to apply your talents. The blacksmith and talents are two of the most important sections in tynon for building a proper strong character that others will have trouble beating.

The blacksmith allows you to upgrade your armor and weapons so you can become stronger. Depending upon what armor or weapon you are upgrading, you can boost stats for defenses, attacks, and even health. When you obtain new plans for armor and weapons and craft them, you will need to upgrade them. The default armor and weapons can only go to a maximum level of 10, other armor and weapons that have been upgraded can go higher.

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When upgrading your armor and weapons in blacksmith you want to make sure that you build them up evenly for the best results. If you have a helmet at level 20 and a relic at level 4 then this is actually leaving your character open to attacks from lowered powered players. This is why it is important to build evenly to keep your heroes at full strength and avoid being killed by those players with less power.

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tynon game secretsTalents are a very important part of building up a proper character in tynon. In order for your talents to be the most effective they must built up along with your characters and match evenly with the build you are doing on your heroes.

For instance if you are building up your mages weapons or armors for magic attack then you also need to make sure your talents counter-acts this by having magic dfense built up. Building one attribute up too high without building up other attributes that go along with them can actually hinder your hero from doing the most damage possible.

The current list of Talents in tynon are below:

Hero's Presense, Psychic Amplifier, Third Eye, Strength Of Steel, Constitution, Illuminated Mind, Thick Skin, Mirrored Soul

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