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Tynon Cretan Labyrinth Guide

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tynon guild labyrinthIn this cretan labyrinth guide we will cover the basics of attempting to get a score of 600 plus. Discover how you can obtain a better score every time you try that labyrinth just by following some simple strategies. Because the cretan labyrinth is based on a random numbers generator, there is no one true strategy that you can follow.

There are certain strategies that you can apply to help you gain a better score and avoid losing out on rewards. The biggest thing that you need to watch out for are the squares with destiny events on them. There are many bad destiny events that will make you lose moves which will have an impact on your final score or even worse force you not to finish.

tynon strategy

Avoid the destiny events at all cost, even if you have to go to a square that only has 5 point rewards. It is far better to get 5 points vs losing 4 or 5 moves because those 4 or 5 moves could be worth 40, 50, or more points. Save your skip until you can see the end and you know a destiny is not on the last square before the boss.

Tynon Labyrinth Rewards

tynon online gamersThe squares that give the most points are the monster, number guess, the bombs, and the question events. Watch for these and use them as much as possible. The trick here is to remember where things are so you can plan out your moves. There is no race here and you will not get more experience by finishing fast. Take your time and pay close attention to where things are located.

Follow your path using the above mentioned events, always making sure that you avoid getting trapped in by destiny events. While some destiny events can give you extra moves, most of them (at a guess here about 80% of them) are bad and will cost you moves. If you happen to get on a square that will allow you to see 2 moves in advance then note where everything is and plan your moves out. Write it down on paper if need be so you remember.

Randomly you may find a square that will double your next events score. These squares are great and can help you reach your desired score easily. Make sure that a high point event is around so you can get the most benefit out of these squares. Ideally if you find a number guess then you could easily get 60 points. With number guess always start off in the middle, for instance put in 200 and if it says higher try 300 and if it says lower then try 250. Doing this will help you narrow down the correct number faster.

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