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Tynon Gems Guide

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tynon cheats guideWhen you first start out on tynon you are given a fair amount of gems during the first 7 days. In this gem guide we will show you how to best use those gems to help get your character built up as fast as possible without losing strength or power. While it looks tempting to waste those gems on mysterious chest, you should re-think your entire strategy before doing so.

During your first 7 days you will get around 200 or more gems from tynon, these gems should be used only for things that are going to permanently boost your stats and help your heroes become stronger. This bonus gems if used properly can help make you a very powerful player without spending one single dime on tynon.

tynon strategy

Gems can be obtained through arena, labyrinth runs, guild chest, and from many card picks throughout the game. Except arena normally the amount of these gems are 10 or 20. Arena gems can come in 10, 20, 500, or even 1000 on rare occasions. Always keep an eye on arena for rewards, you never know you just might find those 1000 gems.

Tynon Gems For Better Benefits

tynon gemsMany tynon game players actually use gems wrong by wasting them on mysterious chest or boost for world boss fights. This is where you can be different and where you have an advantage, applying what you learn here on best game faqs you can out-smart other tynon players.

Gems For Permanent Benefits - Once you have saved up some gems then you can start using those gems for cooldown times on blacksmith and talents. This is the best place you can use gems because the stats in blacksmith and talents will permanently increase your attributes and strength.

For the most effective game strategy you should have at least 2 open slots for blacksmith and for talents. Once you have these open and you have your blacksmith and talents cooldown at 3, 4, or 5 hours - then you start using gems. Do not waste gems on 1 or 2 hour cooldown times. Wait until you start to see higher cooldown times.

Following this will give you the best benefits for your gems. You can from time to time use gems in the fair to purchase coins if needed as that is the best place to get coins with gems. By getting coins in fair it will help pay for those blacksmith upgrades that you are getting by using the gems for cooldown times.

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