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Coins And Credits Guide

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tynon gaming guideTwo of the most valuable resources in tynon are coins and credits. Coins and credits are needed for upgrades through the blacksmith, talents, and to obtain hero cards through the tavern. Obtaining coins and credits can be done through many different events in tynon, in this game guide we will cover many of the basics to help you further your tynon game play.

Obtaining coins can be done through various events in tynon, the biggest paying one is from the Philosopher's Stone. You will automatically collect coins and can grab them up at any time when you need more coins. The Philosopher's Stone takes 24 hours to become full and start flashing, it is a good idea though to grab your coins up twice a day so you don't lose any coins from it being full.

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Other ways to obtain coins is from boss fights, the more damage you do during the boss fight the more coins you will obtain. Doing all your daily events, attacking others in the wild, sailing on the open seas, online gift pack, heroic realm, are some other great ways to get gold coins in tynon. When you have opened the fair you can also exchange credits or gems for coins. The fair actually gives you the best RIO (Return on investment) for gold coins and for credits.

Get The Most Credits In Tynon

tynon hero statsWhile there are many ways to obtain credits in tynon, you should spend more time on the events that will gain you the most credits. Below is listed some of the best ways to get credits, these are not the only wat but they are the best.

Noble Lady - The noble lady opens at 9pm and closes at 10pn server time. You can obtain 1.2 million credits to a maximum of 12 million credits from visiting the lady and telling her your adventure stories. In order to get the most out of the lady you will need to be the first to tell her your story every 5 minutes.

Building Reputation - You can build up reputation mainly through Pvp fights in arena, doing world boss fights, and participating in guild wars. The higher you build your reputation the more credits you are able to collect from the daily salaries. Currently the highest daily salary is 1.8 million credits.

World Boss Fights - Fighting in the world boss fights can get you a decent amount of credits for very little work. The boss fights can be put on auto pilot so you really do not need to do anything. Credits will be based on the amount of damage you do, so the stronger you are the more credits you will get.

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