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Tynon Guild War Strategies

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tynon guild warsGuild wars in tynon is a bit different than most browser based guild wars. Basically you will be either defending a city or attacking a city. Your guild could be doing both at the same time and for this reason it is very important to pay close attention to commands given by your war leader.

War Leaders will issue commands in all CAPS and you must pay close attention and follow these commands. There are 2 teams in lifesteam those teams are controlled by the same war leader. If you have not been asked to be on team 2 then you are on team 1. The identity of team 2 will remain a secret due to spies. PLEASE DO NOT ASK WHAT TEAM YOU ARE ON IN CHAT DURING GUILD WARS! Keep chat to a bare minimum and no chit chat, you need to ask a question PM and wait for answer. Cluttering up the chat during guild wars makes things more confusing for all.

Tynon Guild Wars

tynon online gamingThe goal of the attacking force in tynon guild wars is to take over the defender's base, while not allowing the defender to take over the attacker's base. Naturally, the defending force has the opposite goal. All the action takes place within 30 rounds with a tie going to the Defender. The guild battle has two different phases: Command and Action.

Most guilds have a warlord or battle commander that barks out the Command phase move orders (e.g. ALL HOLD A, SCOUT TO B). All team members must base their actions on the warlord's orders; failure to follow orders often results in failed attack timing and loss of the battle.

Checkers Attacks: A Checkers attack is moving to a base that is being vacated by an opponent moving to your base. For example, if you have forces in D and the opponent is in E then your attack on E would put you behind the enemy lines and (hopefully) leave you free to attack F and G with minimal opposition. NOTE: be careful when trying this attack since it leaves your back line just as undefended as it does the opponent's back line.

tynon strategy

Power Kill: Isolating and beating an opponent's biggest player can give a huge advantage. This attack relies on numbers more than pure're wearing the big boy down...unless your big is bigger then their big, in which case you can probably just Bullrush all the way to victory. The closer the opponent's big is to your base, the longer it will take them to recover and move into effective position. NOTE: if the big is not isolated, the cost to kill is much higher.

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