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Tynon Heroic Realm Guide

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tynon cheats guideIn this tynon heroic realm guide we will cover the basics of the heroic realm to help you defeat the bosses and build your character stronger. The heroic realm is home to many bosses in the tynon game, these bosses may have different attributes and health vs the bosses that you will face during campaigns and quest.

Fighting these bosses will give you many of your armor and weapon plans that you need to upgrade your the armor and weapons. The armor and weapons plans that you will get are random, so if you don't get what you need then you can always fight the boss again in 24 hours. You will also gain experience, gold coins and credits for each boss you defeat.

tynon strategy

The first few bosses in the heroic realm are fairly easy to kill but they do get more difficult with each boss that you defeat. Hover your mouse over the boss you want to fight and it will show you the possible armor or weapon plans that you will received after you defeat that boss.

Tynon Heroic Boss Fights

tynon gemsMost bosses can be defeated even if you only have half the power they do. Assuming you have followed many of the game tips, hints, and secrets on this tynon game strategy website, you should not have very much difficulties even with lower power than the boss.

For most boss fights your formation is going to be the following, note you may have different heroes than what is mentioned here so be sure to apply the formation to your chosen heroes. You do need to make sure you have a mage such as cathrine or shayd for stunning abilities.

At the top of your formation you are going to have 3 heroes in this formation:
Shayd - Main Hero - Tank (tank could be saffron, alexa, or calvin)

In the middle you will have no heroes at all because you are not planning on a direct head on fight.

At the bottom of your formation you are going to have 2 heroes in this formation:
Mehvidan - Cianna (cianna can be replaced with a tank if you do not have cianna, cianna is good to use though because she also stuns)

If you do not have 5 heroes open yet because you have recently started playing then no need to worry. Adjust your formation according to how many heroes you do have. The reason why it is best to have no hero in the middle is because you can defeat the bosses much easier by attacking on the outside first removing all the minions surrounding the boss.

Bosses: tynon plageubringer, tynon the horseman, tynon tracker, tynone abomination, tynon patch, tynon envoy elite, the reanimated elite, dark alchemist, tynon the mayor, skeleton champion, horseman captain

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