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Tynon Stars Guide

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tynon stars guideTynon medals can be used to upgrade your heroes stats for more powerful attacks and/or defense. The medals can be used under the stars menu on your main character profile page or by clicking on the stars menu icon at the bottom of your screen. The medals which most in tynon just refer to as stars can be obtained from many different places and events in tynon.

Two of the best places to get stars at a cheap discount would be the Cretan Labyrinth or by visiting the fair. In the labyrinth there are gem events and treasure chest which will randomly offer you blue medals, the gem events usually have the medals for around 5 gems. The fair will randomly spawn with blue and purple stars that can be purchased at a discount, often anywhere from 2 gems to 5 gems.

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Another excellent place to get stars or medals would be from the champion warfare by purchasing them with tickets. The stars are faily cheap and since you are using tickets they cost you nothing. Wait to build up your tickets and then purchase as many stars as you need to start upgrading your heroes stats.

Tynon Stars / Medals Upgrade

tynon starsUpgrading your stars using medals is not as easy as it sounds because it can and does fail. The amount of medals needed to upgrade your stars is dependant upon your character level, lower level players may only need 2 medals to upgrade cianna where higher level players may need 4 medals. If you are able to do so it's best to upgrade your stars while you are still low in level.

There is still a chance of failure no matter what level your character is in the game. Each time an upgrade is successful it will lower the chance of success for the next star. I have seen stars fail at 80% as well as failing at 20% so keep this in mind when you do decide to upgrade. You should always have extra or additional stars just in case the upgrade does fail. If you need 2 medals to upgrade Cianna's stars then you should have at least 6 medals before attempting the upgrade.

If your attempt does fail, wait a little bit before attempting to do the upgrade again. This helps increase your chances of a successful upgrade because the system is based on a random numbers generator for success or failure rates. Go do some grinding or finish quests and come back after you will find that this does help.

After you have upgraded your hero with all the blue stars (currently requires 9 stars) then you will be able to use purple stars to upgrade your hero even more. There is currently 18 slots for stars and moons that can upgrade your heroes stats.

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