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Tynon Gameplay Strategy Guide

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tynon online gamingTynon is a free online social fantasy RPG for browsers, and it has officially made its debut! Tynon meshes the immediacy and approachability of browser-based social games with a rich, epic story and vivid, high-quality graphics. Tynon is set in the fantasy era with knights, mages, soldiers, and more. The game gives players a wide range of character options, allowing them to assemble a custom squad of allies and equip gear that is upgradeable. Gamers can pit their heroes against the world or against each other in multiplayer style vs fighting!

In Tynon, game players start as a recruit in Aerie City, a floating city in the sky, and are tasked with the quest of saving the world from impending doom. Unlike traditional online browser based games, the innovative combat system focuses on strategy instead of entering battle commands. Gamers maintain passive control over their characters and heroes and can set the formations, equip armor and runes, and other game strategies that can be used to win battles. Currently with 8 maps, 2 daily world bosses, guild warfare and epic loot, Tynon brings an in-depth high-fantasy MMORPG to online browsers. Experience a rich world with amazing graphics in an approachable social game format.

tynon strategy

Gold Coins and Credits in tynon is two of the most important resources that you need to utilize in order to expand and upgrade your armor, enhance the power of your game character, increase the strength of your weapons, and help increase the power of your heroes through the use of runes. There are many ways you can obtain gold coins and credits but keep in mind the higher your game characters level is the more of these resources you are going to need. A great place to obtain coins and credits is from the fair which is the marketplace in Aerie. Paying attention you can exchange credits for coins and then exchange coins for credits and end up with more than you started with. Do not waste your gems on buying mysterious chest because you can obtain more coins and credits from the fair for free.

Tynon Hints, Strategies And Cheats

tynon guildThis website is sponsored by Rise Of Hope Guild on the website (Server s45 - Winds Of Njord - Water Realm). Rise Of Hope comprises of a group of hard core online browser based gamers that are dedicated to helping other game players. Rise Of Hope guild thrives on helping each other through the adventures of Tynon by doing Caribbean Pirates and Guild Wars together and through advice to help the members get stronger.

The high ranked members take the time to help new guild members become stronger through explaining to them what runes are best for them and what upgrades they should be focusing on. Higher ranked guild members will show how formations will be set and what the best runes are to use for your characters. Training battles are done in the arena to help other game players understand the importance of proper formations when facing higher levels. Rise Of Hope also has it's own forum where guild members can discuss tynon game strategies, game hints, and tricks. View Rise Of Hope Guild page now.

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